Trust your Heart to Cardiology of San Antonio

We are here for your cardiovascular needs. We offer care focused in the following areas:

Office Procedures

Hospital Procedures

• Implantation Pacemakers and

• Thrombolytic Infusion

• Intra-Coronary Ultrasound
  and Flow Reserve

• Coronary Angiography
  and Intervention

• Head-up tilt table test

• Peripheral angiography and stenting

• Interventions (Cath Lab):

• Endomyocardial Biopsy

• Cardioversion (emergency and elective)

• Vena Cava Filter Insertion

• Intubation

• Pericardiocentesis

• Thoracentesis

• Pulmonary Angiogram
• Overdrive Pacing for

  Tachycardia Therapy

• Pulmonary Catheter Placement
  - Swan-Ganz
• Arterial Cutdown

• Venous Cutdown

• Percutaneous Placement
  of Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump
  and Management
• Peripheral Arteriogram, Angioplasty,
  Atherectomy, Rotablator and Stenting


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8093 Eckhert Rd. San Antonio, TX 78240
Tel: 210-949-1300
We are located directly across from Marshall High School. The location is accessible from 410, I-10, Bandera
and Huebner Road